История ASTECH

История и этапы становления компании
ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GmbH


Rollout of the new CROMLAVIEW® color sensor CR500. The CR500 is the first color 2015 04 sensor of the world with the patented CROMLASTAB® technology for integrated compensation of measurement distance variations.

Introduction of a new ERP system for optimizing company processes.


Presentation of the new velocity and length sensor VLM500. Due to miniaturized components, the VLM500 for the first time can be presented in a more compact 07 housing. A further advanced digital signal processing improves the VLM and grants outstanding reliability, stability and flexibility.


Rollout of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor CR50 (low-cost compact type with button only operation)

Patent DE 102012208248 (A. Wego): „ bstandsvariationskompensiertes Farbsensorsystem“

New sales agencies for Korea, Sweden and Japan

Relaunch of the internet presence www.astech.de

Rollout of the laser distance sensor LDM51A LUMOS


Dipl.-Ing. Volker Ahrendt retires from directorate after 20 years of exertion

Dipl.-Kfm. Jens Mirow, M.A. becomes operational director of ASTECH GmbH

ASTECH celebrates its 20th anniversary of the company


Rollout of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor CR210 (standard type)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Wego becomes additional director of ASTECH GmbH

New sales agencies for Russia and the Ukraine

Petty patent DE 202009018177 (A. Wego): „Driftstabilisierter Farbsensor mit variabler Empfindlichkeit und Beleuchtungsintensität“

Rollout of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor CR100FO (compact type with fixed optics)

Rollout of the high speed laser distance sensor LDS30


Rollout of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensors CR100 (compact type) und CR200 (two measuring channels)

New shareholder of ASTECH GmbH becomes Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Wego

ASTECH wins a major sensor company as OEM partner for worldwide sales of the color sensors

New sales agency in Italy

Rollout of the new VLM320 at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010 in Nuremberg. By use of a 32- bit controller and a new ASIC for the signal analysis outstanding performance data were achieved. The new VLM320 offers reliability, stability and flexibility for the non- contact velocity and length measurement.


Establishing the new business area color sensors

Starting the development of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor series for industrial automation

Presentation of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor series at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 in Nuremberg


Conversion of the VLM250 Series for LED illumination

Sales agency for Turkey


Rollout of the Laser distance sensor LDM301

New sales partner for the USA and China


Rollout of the Laser distance sensor LDM41A and LDM42A

Rollout of the VLM250 Series

Rollout of the Laser distance sensor LDM41P and LDM42P


Removal into “Gewerbezentrum CTG”, Schonenfahrerstr. 5, 18057 Rostock


Dr.-Ing. Klaus Christofori completely retires from ASTECH

Reorganization of ASTECH GmbH


Sales agency for China


New Design for the internet presence www.astech.de


Rollout of the Laser distance sensor LDM30A


Symposium on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ASTECH company with lectures of SMS Demag, ALSTOM, Sundwig, Thyssen Krupp Stahl, IMS, DANIELI Fröhling, Thyssen Umformtechnik, Benteler Stahl/Rohr, VAW Aluminium, Alcan, Krupp Edelstahlprofile and Salzgitter

Development of the new business area Laser Distance Sensors

Rollout of the Laser distance sensor LDM300C


Start of internet presence www.astech.de

ASTECH exhibits at the fair „Stahl“ (Eisenhüttentag) in Düsseldorf


ASTECH successfully exhibits at “Hannover Messe” and “Sensor+Test” in Nuremberg


Granting of the “Technologiepreis des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” award (level three) to ASTECH GmbH

Application of ASTECH products in famous companies like Krupp Stahl AG, Preussag Stahl AG, BAYER AG, Siemens AG usw.


The VLM200 was introduced in over 40 famous national and international professional journals

Presentation of the VLM200 at the exhibition „Interkama“ in Düsseldorf


Granting of the “Friedrich-Witte-Preis” award 1994 for industrial research for the federal state “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” to ASTECH GmbH/p>

Start of marketing the VLM200


Presentation of the Velocity and Length Measurement sensor VLM100 as innovation at the SENSOR’93 in Nuremberg

Presentation of the advanced VLM200 at the CONTROL’94

Completion of product development of the VLM200


Foundation of ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GmbH by Dipl.-Ing. Volker Ahrendt and Dr.-Ing. Klaus Christofori (both shareholder and directors)


Granting of TOU subsidies by BMFT

Start of product development „universal velocity measuring gauge“


Dipl.-Ing. Volker Ahrendt plans to found a company and seeks for partners at Rostock University at the department of Prof. Fiedler

Concept for company foundation, Application for a promotion by „Technologieorientierte Unternehmensgründung (TOU-Ost)“, technical basis is the prototype of a velocity sensor using a CCD line developed by Volker Ahrendt at Rostock University

Foundation of company ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GbR by Dipl.-Ing. Volker Ahrendt und Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Christofori

Move-In into the Technologiezentrum Warnemünde (TZW)

Patent DE 4035039 (K. Christofori, V. Ahrendt): „Verfahren und Einrichtung zur Erfassung der Bewegung strukturierter Objekte“


Works at Rostock University of Volker Ahrendt on the subjects: “Velocity measurement system using a CCD sensor“, “Sensor computer for close-up process acquisition“ und “Adjusted measuring data processing for velocity measuring sensor computer“

Patent DD WP 330332 (O. Fiedler; K. Christofori; V. Ahrendt): „Verfahren und Anordnung zur Anpassung des Sensorkopfes eines Ortsfilter-Anemometers an das bewegte Objekt“


Patent DD WP 218170 (K.-P. Schulz, O. Fiedler): „Einrichtung zur berührungslosen Messung an bewegten Körpern“

Works on spatial filtering and Laser-Doppler technics at Rostock University due to O.Fiedler, K.-P. Schulz, H.-E. Albrecht, A. Röhl, W. Fuchs, W. Kröger, T. Gitzke, V. Ahrendt, A. Brauns, K. Christofori, B. Scholz, S. Jansen, J. Burmeister, U. Sümnicht, A. Zölder u.a.


Under direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Otto Fiedler a non-contact length measuring system based on the spatial filtering principle and by use of a CCD-line was developed at Rostock University by Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Peter Schulz